Scholarship & Achievement Award Deadlines

  • January 29, 2021 is the DEADLINE State and County Achievement forms to be turned in!! Completed
  • February 15, 2021 is the State 4-H Scholarship Deadline.COMPLETED
March 2, 2021 is the County 4-H Scholarship Deadline!.  If you need help or have questions regarding the forms please contact Tracy at or call 740-446-7007.

Gallia County Scholarships

Gallia County currently offers the following scholarships:

Scholarships to be awarded (Please note scholarships offered could be amended without notice, all scholarships are based on donor participation.)

4- Year scholarships

  • The Vic and Mary Walker Niday Scholarship - $1,000/4yr.
  • Ohio Valley Bank Scholarship -$750.00/4yr.
  • Gallia County Ag. Society (Fair Board) Scholarship-$500.00/4yr.
  • Gallia County Agricultural Center Scholarship $500.00/4yr. (2 scholarships)
  • The Wiseman Roach Waugh Family 4-H Scholarships - $500.00/4yr. (2 scholarships)
  • The Brent and Teresa Eastman Family 4-H Scholarship - $500.00/4yr.

1 – Year scholarships

  • Gallia County 4-H Advisors Association scholarship- $500.00/1yr.
  • Gallia Co. Horse Committee - $500/1yr. - Must be active in the area of Equine at least 4 years including the last 2 years.
  • Lynn Angell – $500/1yr. – Prefer applicants be active in area of Sheep in either FFA or 4-H.
  • Gallia CARTEEN- $500/1yr. - Must be an active member of CARTEENs including the last 2 years.

Students only need to fill out one scholarship application to be eligible for all the above scholarships

This application must be complete and submitted to the Scholarship Committee, c/o OSU Extension Gallia County, 111 Jackson Pike, Suite 1572, Gallipolis, OH 45631, on or before March 1, 2021. No late scholarships will be accepted.

  • Gallia County 4H Scholarship Application in Word or PDF ...Deadline March 2, 2021 at 4:30 pm. 

  • Vendor Setup Form ...REQUIRED to complete application for Gallia County 4H Scholarships. Please fill out PAGE for An Individual. Your Title by your Signature is Student.

Complete this application for ALL Gallia County Scholarships as well as a Completed Vendor Setup Form.

The deadline for these county scholarships is March 2, 2021 at 4:30PM.  No late forms will be accepted.

4-H Achievement Forms (Completed Jan 29, 2021)

Ohio 4-H offers a variety of awards and opportunities at the state level

The links below contain information which will be helpful to 4-H members, parents, volunteer leaders and County Extension Educators. The forms must be signed by the Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development before they are submitted. Please contact your county OSU Extension Office for deadlines.

Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Overview 

Ohio 4-H Older Youth Opportunities Chart Updated (10/2019)

Ohio 4-H Achievement Awards

2021 Ohio 4-H Achievement Record Application (Word) (PDF)
2020: Ohio 4-H Achievement Record State Workshop (Flyer)

*Note: We will be recording the informational workshop session on October 7, 2020.  Please email Sarah Longo at to request access to the recording. 

National 4-H Dairy Conference 
Ohio Township Association 4-H Local Government Award
Ohio State Junior Fair Board

Instructions & Details For Completing State 4-H Achievement Award Applications

2021 Eligibility Requirements & State 4-H Achievement Criteria
Creating a Winning Achievement Record
Photo Page Helpful Hints
My 4-H Record Book
Sample Action Verbs
Achievement Record Section Suggestions

Ohio 4-H Awards and Scholarships Recipients

2020 Achievement Award Recipients
2020 Ohio 4-H Scholarship Recipients

Ohio State Fair Scholarships

For information and the application for scholarships given by the Ohio State Fair, go to

For questions and additional information contact Allen Auck

Ohio 4-H State Scholarships (Completed Feb 15, 2021)

Ohio 4-H recognizes and rewards individual excellence, whether it is in project work, leadership, citizenship or community service. Ohio 4-H Scholarships were established in 1976 in order to help young people become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society. There are currently 36 statewide 4-H scholarships being offered. In addition to these scholarships, individual counties may also offer county-based scholarships. Please check with your County Extension Office for a listing of county scholarships. 

Criteria, Instructions, and Application

In addition to personal information, before beginning this 4-H Scholarship Application please make sure you have the following items available.

  • Academic honors you have received
  • If you are or will be an Ohio State student, your OSU username.# and ID# can be found on your receipt of admission application email
  • Information about your current or anticipated college or university (name, city, state)
  • Intended academic major
  • Detailed information about your major 4-H leadership roles; you should know the names of the roles, the years, level(s), duties and accomplishments
  • Detailed information about major 4-H honors that you have received
  • Information about your educational, career, or personal goals and what impact 4-H has had on those ambitions
  • Personal statement explaining why a 4-H scholarship would be important to you achieving a college education AND how 4-H has contributed to your personal development, leadership and other skills and to your likely success in life

College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences scholarship information and online application

College of Education and Human Ecology scholarship application information 

Brief Descriptions of Ohio 4-H Scholarships Available
For questions and additional information contact Allen Auck

Ways to Track Your 4H Career

My 4H Career Record Book Word PDF (14 Page Format)

4H Youth Development Activity Record Word PDF(1 Page Format)

Simple Action Verbs used for Scholarship Applications

Creating a Winning Achievement Record Resourse

The 2021 Ohio State Fair Scholarship Application ( Due April 30, 2021)

The applicant must be a high school junior or senior, or a graduate continuing their education at an accredited institution.They must reside in the State of Ohio, and must have been an active participant in the Ohio State Fair Junior Division and their local County Fair. Applicant must be eligible to be a participant in Junior Fair (not older than 19 years as of January 1, 2020) and still be eligible to show at their County Fair and the Ohio State Fair. All questions on the application form must be answered to be considered for an award. High school and/or collegetranscript must be attached, along with copies of ACT and/orSAT scores. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. Please mail completed applications, along with a photo to Ohio State Fair Scholarship Committee, Agriculture Department,717 East 17th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211. Completed applications must be postmarked by April 2021. Applications will be judged on the following basis:

Scholastic Standing 25%,Citizenship and Leadership 25%,Ohio State Fair Participation 30%,County Fair Participation 20%