2021 Gallia County Junior Fair  

Gallia County Junior Fair Youth Board

4-H Advisors and 4-H families, 

The NEW youth board will be forming for 2021 with NEW youth board advisors. This application will be mailed out to all 4-H teens at their 4-H online email address. They can also download it on our website. If you have questions please feel free to contact Angie or Andrew, I'm sure they would love to talk to you about this opportunity.

Hi Gallia County 4H Members and Families,

Andrew Owens and I (Angela Owens) are the 2021 Gallia County Youth Board Advisors.

We are excited to have the opportunity to work with the youth of Gallia County that participate in 4H, FFA & Scouts.

We are interested in talking with Gallia County students, freshmen through senior grade levels, that are interested in helping make the 2021 Gallia County Fair events & activities successful.

We are looking for FUTURE LEADERS & ROLE MODELS.

We are asking each of you, the Gallia County 4H advisors to help us. Please think about your members, which members will gain valuable skills from participating in Youth Board activities? Please share this application with your members and/or send the names and contact information of your recommendations to us.

The application deadline is Friday, November 6, 2020. Link to 2020 Youthboard Application.The completed applications need to be emailed to galliayouth20@gmail.com or a picture of the completed application can be text to us, 740-709-0303 or 740-709-9471.

Communication is important to Andrew & I. If you have any questions, we are here via email or text.

Thank You,

Andrew & Angela


August 2 - August 7, 2021

Price for Admission (including rides & entertainment):  Only $10!

Permanent Seating Not Available for Stage Entertainment - Bring Your Lawn Chairs!

Location:  189 Jackson Pike, Gallipolis, Ohio 45631

In 2015, over 2,093 4-H projects were successfully completed; of these projects 385 were market projects which sold for a grand total of $506,413 ($374,566 above market value) and 1,708 were general projects. 4-H exhibitors also earned over $24,000 in fair premiums, and prize money from the Holzer Health Systems and other community sponsors. Monies from the sale of market projects, fair premiums and awards go directly to the 4-H and FFA families involved in the fair.  Over 400 Gallia County Youth were trained in Quality Assurance Best Practices for Food Production insuring high quality products being produced and sold in Gallia County. 

 Quality Assurance Guidelines

4-H Members and Advisors:

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) Advisory Committee on Livestock Exhibitions has recommended and voted on the following rule change for 2018.  It will go into effect in late January 2018 after going through the proper procedures for changes to the Ohio Revised Code.
§   Junior fair exhibitors ages 8 to 11 shall annually participate in a face-to-face education session that is taught by an authorized instructor.
§   Junior fair exhibitors ages 12 to 19 shall either annually complete an educational session or successfully complete the test-out option.
Regardless of age, junior fair exhibitors shall successfully complete the educational program not less than 45 days prior to the opening date of the exhibition in which they will participate.
Thus, QA training and certification must be completed not less than 45 days prior to the opening day of your county fair. 

  • Also, they need to know that this includes the Ohio State Fair, so if they plan to show at OSF and they have a later fair they will need to complete QA 45 days before the opening day of the Ohio State Fair, regardless of what day they show.

Please share this information with your county Ag. Societies, Jr. Fair coordinators, FFA advisors, other fair officials and your Jr. Fair families.

  •  All Poultry, Miniature/Pet/Companion Goat and Rabbit exhibitors will need to attend or test out of QA.
  • Members, if you plan to exhibit any market animals or any of the ones mentioned above to the 2018 Gallia County Jr. fair you will need to attend or test out of QA:

 You can now sign up for online QA sessions. To sign up for a session date and time go to www.go.osu.edu/GalliaCountyQATrainingReg for June 1st, June 2nd or June 3rd, 2020

CANCELED -Quality Assurance – April 25, 2020 at the Gallia County Fairgrounds from 8:00AM – 11:00AM. The last group will be allowed to start the station training at 11AM so please plan accordingly. Training will take about one hour and all groups will be assigned first come first serve. Please note: parents of first time exhibitors are encouraged to attend the training with the exhibitor. 

Any exhibitor 12-14 years old (As of Jan. 1st) may take the optional one year QA test out. While any exhibitor 15-18 years old, may take the permanent test out option. Testing is offered daily at the Gallia County Extension Office between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM. All tests must be completed by July 1st! Failure to pass the test will result in attending QA training. So we encourage those who test to take it early before our QA training here in the county! Study packets are available and encouraged!

Quality Assurance Test Out and Training

  • There will be an opportunity for 4-H & FFA members to take the TEST OUT option for QA at the Gallia County Extension Office on April ??, 2018 from 8:30am till 4 pm. You may only try the test one time a year, failure to pass the test will result in attending QA training. Tests are 50 multiply choice questions worth 2 point each and you must score a 70% or above to pass. 
  • Any exhibitor 12-14 years old (As of Jan. 1st) may take the optional one year QA test out. While any exhibitor 15-18 years old, may take the permanent test out option.
  • If the above test out do not work, the training will follow at 5 pm SHARP at the Gallia County Extension Office the SAME DAY.You Must RSVP.
  • All tests must be completed by JUNE 1st!
  • Failure to pass the test will result in attending QA training. Study packets are available at the Extension Office or at the following link and strongly encouraged! 
  • State Quality Assurance Test Study Guide