Stem for Every Season Cloverbud Curriculum

These STEM lessons were designed for the everyday 4-H advisor or afterschool helper to feel confident in tackling a lesson in science.These lessons are meant to provide hands on, learning by doing, fun exploration into science. Each lesson contains an informational background about the science topic, step by step instructions for the experiment, and follow up questions to conclude the lesson.  We are proud to present this Cloverbud curriculum to 4-H advisors, teachers, day care staff, and other 4-H professionals.

Plans are underway to expand this curriculum with another twelve lessons focusing on STEM based career exploration experiments.

January: Make It Snow

February: Be My Valentine Scribble Bot

March: St. Patty’s Growing Animals

April: Everything Rainbow

May: Balloon Greenhouse

June: Bleaching out the Color

July: Geyser Soda Car

August: Non-Newtonian Flubber

September: Leak Proof Bag

October: Erupting Jack-O-Lantern

November: Fall Leaf Color Change

December: Christmas Lights and Electricity


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Cloverbud Investigators Cloverbud Career Detectives

Cloverbuds will have a chance to come and learn at monthly fun filled science labs! Members will be able to explore science based activities with a career twist. 

January: Make It Snow - Making Polymers Expand

February: Hearts Of Knots

March: Lollipop Mania

April: Dolphin Communication

May: Plant Dissection

June: Make It Float - Junk Boats

July: Fireworks in a Tube

August: Magic of Sandcastles

September: Wild Life Tracks

October: Bone Up and Bones

November: Who did it? Crime Lab

December: Potato Power

Cloverbud Investigators Taking the Adventure Outside

January: Classification Systems - Where Do I Belong?

February: Marvelous Mammals

March: Traveling Trash 

April: Scales, Shells and Salamander Tails

May: Get the Buzz On Pollination

June: Beaks to Tweet About

July: Traveling Sand


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October: The Superpowers of Owls!


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