RESOURCES for Your Animal Projects

  •  Ohio 4-H Animal Sciences has more information on Companion Animals,Dairy,Dog,Horse,Livestock,Poultry,Rabbit,Ohio State Fair Skillathon Information, & Ohio 4-H PetPALS
  • 4H Project Location Form (OFF PROPERTY FORM) due June 1st of current 4H year. This Form is Required if your 4H Project is not on your property by May 15th of current 4H year

2020 Fair Updates

NEW! On-line Quality Assurance training- This option is for exhibitors age 12 and older by January 1, 2020. The on-line YQCA training session has been approved for Ohio 4-H and FFA members as a yearly option for QA training.

  • Members must be at least 12 years old by January 1st of the current year.
  • The on-line module completed must be for the correct 4-H age of the youth.
  • The on-line session must be completed at least 45 days prior to the start of the exhibition.
  • The youth must complete the on-line session within the Quality Assurance calendar year (October 2019-September 2020).
  • Only the YQCA online course is acceptable no other QA online courses will be accepted (not accepted: BQA, PQA, BEST, etc.).
  • Youth can access the website and take the age-appropriate module for $13.00 by going to

  • Youth will need their 4HOnline login and password, youth must use the 4HOnline information for their results to automatically show up in our 4HOnline system and be counted!
  • The YQCA is NOT a TEST OUT option and is only good for the current year.

2020 Ohio State Fair Pork Quality Assurance (PQA)

Requirement Youth entering a market swine project at the 2020 Ohio State Fair will be required to have a parent/guardian PQA certified in order to meet packer requirements.
OSF Market Swine requirements Flyer
  • PQA certification number will be required for online entry (deadline of June 20th) 
  • Certification numbers will be verified, falsified numbers will result in penalty.
  • Once notified of invalid number, exhibitors will have 5 days to provide the correct PQA certification number.
  • If the correct PQA certification number is not provided within 5 days, exhibitor will be disqualified from exhibition.
  • Youth MUST be certified in Ohio Youth QA 45 days prior to exhibition in order to be eligible to show.
There are several options for parents/guardians to be PQA certified:

• Adults can attend an in-person PQA session

• Adults can sign-up for the PQA on-line certification.

Requests can be sent to Elizabeth Share (


1. The adult PQA certification is good for 3 years.

2. If a parent/guardian has several youth in the family, the same PQA number will count for all of the youth.

3. For a list of approved PQA instructors, contact: - Elizabeth Share Extension Specialist, Livestock/Food Animal Program

New for 2020!!  Attention ALL Gallia County Junior Fair Market Beef Exhibitors 

2020 Livestock Rule Changes approved at the November Fair Board Meeting.  The following rule changes will be in effect for 2020:

Attention: Gallia County Beef Exhibitors

The Gallia County Fair Board has added a Market Heifer division to the Market Beef Show (previously only market steers). Exhibitors will be able to tag in a heifer calf at this year’s December 12 market beef tag in.

  • Exhibitors can check in, sign up for, and exhibit both a market steer and market heifer but will only be permitted to sell one animal at the fair.
  • Market Heifers will show in their own division, taking place prior to the first division of steers. The division will be placed and top placing market heifers from that division will return to the ring with the top placing steers of each division and be in contention for the Market Animal Supreme Drive.
  • These market heifers are to be of “terminal” type and kind. They should be fed out and finished like a steer and must weigh a minimum of 1000 lbs. at the Fair weigh-in (just like steers). “Clubby” bred heifers, or females that are bred to be more terminal, are becoming increasingly popular in market heifer shows nationwide. These shows provide an avenue for breeders and exhibitors that have heifers that are not so much bred to be productive cows, but rather, bred more for carcass quality. Heifers are typically more efficient in converting feed to condition and will be able to finish out with a lesser feed intake than that of the average steer. For individuals looking to have a market beef project while being able to be conservative in the amount spent on feed over the year, market heifers are a great option.

    Gallia County Showmanship Clinic on June ??, 2020 at the Gallia County Fairgorunds

Prizes will be given away donated by Feedstop!

Come to the fairgrounds to learn how to show and care for your choice of livestock!

FREE clinics will be offered for beef, hogs, lambs, and goats taught by experts.

There will be two 1 hour sessions for each species, leaving time at the end for question and hands on practice!

• For showmen of all ages and levels

• Open to all Counties

• Children do not have be a member of 4H or FFA

• Great for beginner showman, children interested in showing in the future, or anyone wanting to ask questions and learn more

2019 Livestock Rule Changes approved at the November Fair Board Meeting.  The following rule changes will be in effect for 2019:

  •  Quality Assurance – April ??, 2020 at the Gallia County Fairgrounds from 8:00AM – 11:00AM. The last group will be allowed to start the station training at 11AM so please plan accordingly. Training will take about one hour and all groups will be assigned first come first serve. Please note: parents of first time exhibitors are encouraged to attend the training with the exhibitor. 
  • All Poultry, Miniature/Pet/Companion Goat and Rabbit exhibitors will need to attend or test out of QA. 
  • Members, if you plan to exhibit any market animals or any of the ones mentioned above to the 2019 Gallia County Jr. fair you will need to attend or test out of QA:
  • Regardless of age, junior fair exhibitors shall successfully complete the educational program not less than 45 days prior to the opening date of the exhibition in which they will participate.
  • The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) Advisory Committee on Livestock Exhibitions has recommended and voted on the following rule change for 2018.  It will go into effect in late January 2018 after going through the proper procedures for changes to the Ohio Revised Code.
  • Junior fair exhibitors ages 8 to 11 shall annually participate in a face-to-face education session that is taught by an authorized instructor.
  • Junior fair exhibitors ages 12 to 19 shall either annually complete an educational session or successfully complete the test-out option.
 Thus, QA training and certification must be completed not less than 45 days prior to the opening day of your county fair. 
  • Also, they need to know that this includes the Ohio State Fair, so if they plan to show at OSF and they have a later fair they will need to complete QA 45 days before the opening day of the Ohio State Fair, regardless of what day they show.
  • Please share this information with your county Ag. Societies, Jr. Fair coordinators, FFA advisors, other fair officials and your Jr. Fair families.
  • Any exhibitor 12-14 years old (As of Jan. 1st) may take the optional one year QA test out. While any exhibitor 15-18 years old, may take the permanent test out option. Testing is offered daily at the Gallia County Extension Office between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM. All tests must be completed by June1st! Failure to pass the test will result in attending QA training. So we encourage those who test to take it early before our QA training here in the county! Study packets are available and encouraged!
  • Quality Assurance Study Guide and Veterinary Feed Directive Fact Sheet

2020 Ohio Valley EERA Quality Assurance Dates PDF

Quality Assurance Test Out and Training 
There will be an opportunity for 4-H & FFA members to take the TEST OUT option for QA at the Gallia County Extension Office on April ?, 2019 from 8:30 am till 4 pm. You may only try the test one time a year, failure to pass the test will result in attending QA training. Tests are 50 multiply choice questions worth 2 point each and you must score a 70% or above to pass. 
  • Any exhibitor 12-14 years old (As of Jan. 1st) may take the optional one year QA test out. While any exhibitor 15-18 years old, may take the permanent test out option.
  • If the above test out do not work, the training will follow at 5 pm SHARP at the Gallia County Extension Office.You Must RSVP.
  • All tests must be completed by JUNE 1st!
  • Failure to pass the test will result in attending QA training. Study packets are available at the Extension Office or at the following link Quality Assurance Study Guide and Veterinary Feed Directive Fact Sheet

 Ohio Livestock Tampering Exhibition Rules Changes are Highlighted in Yellow
• This document is also posted on the Ohio 4-H website animal sciences appropriate species-specific resources pages:

ATTENTION 4-H MEMBERS TAKING FOOD-PRODUCING ANIMAL PROJECTS, even if they are not intended for food production! New for 2017!
  • On JANUARY 1, 2017, the VETERINARY FEED DIRECTIVE (VFD) must be implemented, as a result of regulations set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) addressing on-farm antibiotic use in food-animal production. This affects everyone (including 4-H members as youth producers) keeping, owning, and/or raising food-producing animals, even if they are not intended for food production (i.e. exhibition poultry). It is very important that 4-H members and their families establish a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) prior to January 1, 2017.
  • We have written a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Fact Sheet for 4-H Youth Livestock Producers and Families that should answer your questions about the VFD, as well as establishing a VCPR.
  • Thank you to the following individuals who have provided input to make this fact sheet educational and user friendly: Jack Advent, Executive Director, Ohio Veterinary Medical Association; Mark Armfelt, DVM, Diplomat ABVP Dairy, Dairy Technical Advisor, Elanco Dairy Business; Leah Dorman, DVM, Director, Food Integrity & Consumer Engagement, Phibro Animal Health Corporation; Tony Forshey, DVM, State Veterinarian, Ohio Department of Agriculture; Diane R. McDaniel, State Liaison, Food and Drug Administration.
  • This VFD fact sheet can be found at, on the Livestock Resources page of the Ohio 4-H website. It is also posted on the Dairy, Goat, and Poultry resource pages.

Welcome to the NEW fair entry system.

All projects will be entered through this system for exhibition at the 2019 Gallia County Junior Fair. With time and patience, we hope you find this new system beneficial to all parties. Please follow all on-screen directions and feel free to contact the Extension Office with any questions at 740-446-7007. Once all entries are complete you will receive a confirmation email for your records.

2019 Gallia County Junior Fair Forms are also available.

  • 2020 Gallia County Junior Fair Entry Form- NEW DUE DATE ...Due July 1, 2020 and 2020 Gallia County Junior Fair Project List to choose your fair entries

  • 2020 Master Exhibitor and Skillathon Registration Form
  • 2020 General Livestock Queen & Princess Contest Form

Gallia County Junior Fair Judging Deadlines 

Attention Junior Market Exhibitors

New for 2019, all Junior Market Exhibitors must enter their projects online. No late entries will be accepted.

Pre-Fair Animal Show Results

  • Pre-Fair Animal Show Judging Results 

Breeding Show Results

  • Llama
  • Goat
  • Swine
  • Sheep

Quick Link to your project- Click on your project name and be directed to your project. 

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Beef Projects

Welcome to the Ohio 4H Livestock Program!

Gallia County Market Beef Tag In & Weigh In

December 12, 2019 at the Fairgrounds 4-7pm.

If you plan to show a steer at the 2020 Gallia County Jr. Fair, please plan to attend

  • Exhibitors should call the Extension office prior to Thursday,DECEMBER 5, 2019 to let us know how many Market Beef are coming to Weigh In

2018 Market Beef (Steer) Buyers Listed by Exhibitor for Thank you Posters

Hoof trimming services at the Gallia County Junior Fair, Including surrounding counties (Rain or Shine)

  • Will not be available this year.
  • Steers, Feeder Calves, Heifers
  • Everyone is welcome.
  • Questions, contact Travis 740-645-6635 Gallia County Junior Fair FACEBOOK

Dairy Projects
  • Welcome to the Ohio 4-H Dairy Cattle program area. You will find information on events, resources and acknowledgements for dairy cattle.

Dog Projects

Welcome to the Ohio 4H Dog Program !

The following are now posted at Ohio 4H Dog Program which can also be found at and then click on the Resources tab.
The Permission to Participate in Ohio 4-H Dog Activities Disclosure and Release of Claims document is mandatory for ALL 4-H dog project members. ALL youth enrolled in 4-H dog projects are required to sign the Permission to Participate in Ohio 4-H Dog Activities Disclosure and Release of Claims document, as well as a parent or guardian is required to sign this document, before youth are allowed to participate in any 4-H dog activities with their dogs. This document must be signed each year a youth enrolls in a 4-H dog project and is to be kept on file at the county Extension office. It is also recommended the 4-H club advisor keep a signed copy. (Note: Some youth enroll in the Dog Achievement Program to learn about dogs, and do not actually own a dog. Youth without dogs do not need to complete this form.)
You or whoever works with health requirements at your county make the decisions as to what certificate to use if dogs are brought together for judging. We ask that parents/youth check with you before the exhibitor and veterinarian complete this form so it is acceptable in your county. Provided health requirements are met within the State Fair Dog Show timeline, this certificate is also an acceptable Certificate of Vaccination at the Ohio State Fair Dog Show.

Goat Projects

Welcome to the Oho 4H Goat Program!


2018 Market Goat Buyers Listed by Exhibitor for Thank You Posters

 May ??, 2020 at the Gallia County Fairgrounds from 4pm-7pm.


Horse Projects

Welcome to the Ohio 4H Horse Program!

Gallia County Youth Horse Committee FACEBOOK Page 

2019 GCJF Horse Show Entry uses Fair Entry. Forms must be completed by July 1. If you need assistance, please let your advisor know.

Llama Projects
  • Gallia County Junior Fair Breeding Show- Saturday July 18, 2020 at 4:30 PM. Check In Time is 3:30 PM.

Sheep Projects

2018 Market Lamb Buyers Listed by Exhibitor for Thank You Posters

May 16, 2019 at the Gallia County Fairgrounds from 4pm-7pm.

Market Lamb Tag In

Poultry, Duck & Turkey Projects

Rabbit Projects

2020 Rabbit Quality Assurance presented April ??, 2020

Companion Animals

Swine Projects

2018 Market Hog Buyers Listed by Exhibitor for thank You Posters

Upload Your Market Hog Pictures in 4H Online