2020 Program Information 

To: 4H Volunteers

From: Tracy

Update from 4H Extension Office

Just want to remind everyone that it is the season for private businesses to attempt to scare people into using their tax service to file 990 and 990N’s. I have received concerns from Educators that volunteers are receiving email and mail messages from companies. Many try to make their message appear to be official so please remind volunteers that you will file their 990N and they need to take no action with it. Additionally, you may inform them that only messages received directly from the Internal Revenue Service (mail only) are important. I have attached a sample of one such message received that is only an advertisement.

990N Filing Scam

 Jeff Dick

Associate Professor

OSU Extension, Field Specialist

Volunteerism& 4-H Community Clubs

 It’s time to start planning our 2020 4-H Year. The information all Advisors will need to know to get your clubs up and running in 2020

Do you hate sitting in a room being “talked” at? Me too! This year we are offering the option of a traditional 4-H training or attending a “Club CHAT”. This will be YOUR time, we will have financial paperwork, 1.50 update and program changes available, but this time is for conversation. What would you like to have happen in your club in 2020? Its time to share ideas, ask questions; think of it as “GROUP THERAPY” for 4-H advisors!
 “Club Chat” dates: Thursday January 16, (5:30 – 7:30 PM), Friday January 17, (12:00 -1:30), Tuesday January 21, (5:30 – 7:00 PM), Friday February 14, (12:00 – 1:30PM). Please be sure to RSVP (740-446-7007) for the “Club CHATs” as we will limiting these to no more than 25 people for discussion purposes. Club advisor are encouraged to come as a team, so we can discuss your club needs specifically.
Not into chats? We have two traditional training options Saturday January 18, (9 - 10:30am), and Tuesday February 18, (5:30 – 7:00PM) Please RSVP so we have enough handouts! 740-446-7007
**Makeup date for ONLY those who can’t come to any of the above trainings, February 20, (5:30 -7:00pm)

Please mark these dates on your calendar and plan to attend one. All Trainings will be held at the Extension Office. Advisor trainings must be completed by March 1, 2020 deadline.
NOW IS THE TIME TO RECRUIT CLUB VOLUNTEERS! If you have parents or others interested in becoming a 4-H volunteer, please have them call the Extension office or stop by for a new volunteer application and Volunteer Reference FormWe also need more 4-H clubs, especially in the northern and southern part of the county!
Thinking of starting a New 4-H Club? Here are the steps: How to Become a 4H Volunteer Flyer
1. A new club must have at least 5 members from 3 different families.
2. Must have a pre-approved club name, approval is granted by the Extension office.
3. The club will need to apply for a club EIN and sign a club constitution.
4. The club will need to develop by-laws; these are “club rules” which include: attendance policy, officer duties, parent participation, member participation, expected behavior, etc.
5. The club will need to open a club checking account.
6. Advisors must complete club paperwork and approval process by March 1.
Typically, clubs begin meeting in January & February with 4-H enrollment due March 15, 2020. The process sounds complicated, but 4-H staff are here to support you through each step. If you have questions, please call the Extension office at 740-446-7007.

4H Online Club Videos

2020 4H Re-Organization Contents 

4H Project Book Information
2020 Family Guide
2020 Summary of Changes
Advisor Handbook
Ohio 4H Volunteer Handbook
2020 4H Calendar with Fair Events
2020 Camp Flyer
Changes for 2020 Gallia County Junior Fair

New for 2020!!  Attention ALL Gallia County Junior Fair Market Beef Exhibitors

2020 Livestock Rule Changes approved at the November Fair Board Meeting.  The following rule changes will be in effect for 2020:

Attention: Gallia County Beef Exhibitors

The Gallia County Fair Board has added a Market Heifer division to the Market Beef Show (previously only market steers). Exhibitors will be able to tag in a heifer calf at this year’s December 12 market beef tag in.

  • Exhibitors can check in, sign up for, and exhibit both a market steer and market heifer but will only be permitted to sell one animal at the fair.
  • Market Heifers will show in their own division, taking place prior to the first division of steers. The division will be placed and top placing market heifers from that division will return to the ring with the top placing steers of each division and be in contention for the Market Animal Supreme Drive.
  • These market heifers are to be of “terminal” type and kind. They should be fed out and finished like a steer and must weigh a minimum of 1000 lbs. at the Fair weigh-in (just like steers). “Clubby” bred heifers, or females that are bred to be more terminal, are becoming increasingly popular in market heifer shows nationwide. These shows provide an avenue for breeders and exhibitors that have heifers that are not so much bred to be productive cows, but rather, bred more for carcass quality. Heifers are typically more efficient in converting feed to condition and will be able to finish out with a lesser feed intake than that of the average steer. For individuals looking to have a market beef project while being able to be conservative in the amount spent on feed over the year, market heifers are a great option.

    2020 Ohio State Fair Pork Quality Assurance (PQA)

Requirement Youth entering a market swine project at the 2020 Ohio State Fair will be required to have a parent/guardian PQA certified in order to meet packer requirements.
OSF Market Swine requirements Flyer
  • PQA certification number will be required for online entry (deadline of June 20th) 
  • Certification numbers will be verified, falsified numbers will result in penalty.
  • Once notified of invalid number, exhibitors will have 5 days to provide the correct PQA certification number.
  • If the correct PQA certification number is not provided within 5 days, exhibitor will be disqualified from exhibition.
  • Youth MUST be certified in Ohio Youth QA 45 days prior to exhibition in order to be eligible to show.
There are several options for parents/guardians to be PQA certified:

• Adults can attend an in-person PQA session

• Adults can sign-up for the PQA on-line certification.

Requests can be sent to Elizabeth Share (share.8@osu.edu)


1. The adult PQA certification is good for 3 years.

2. If a parent/guardian has several youth in the family, the same PQA number will count for all of the youth.

3. For a list of approved PQA instructors, contact: - Elizabeth Share Extension Specialist, Livestock/Food Animal Program share.8@osu.edu

2019 Livestock Rule Changes
New for 2019!! Attention ALL Gallia County Junior Fair Market Animal Exhibitors

2019 Livestock Rule Changes approved at the November Fair Board Meeting.  The following rule changes will be in effect for 2019:

  • Market Swine Weight range will be 230 lbs. up to 290 lbs.

  • Market Steer minimum weight will increase to 1000 lbs.

  • Any animal not making the minimum weight will not be allowed to go to resale. These animals along with any animal deemed not fit for sale by a fair official, will be the exhibitor’s responsibility to remove the animal from the fair grounds.

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