Virtual Project Judging Helpsheet

What Do I Do For My 4-H Project Judging 2020?

We will not be able to conduct face-to-face 4-H project judging in 2020, due to the many aspects of COVID-19. We are offering a virtual general and small pets project judging via a technology platform called Flipgrid. This social media platform is used by educators nationwide, allowing their students to share video clips, upload pictures and google slides. 4-H is piloting this method for project judging this year in several counties, including Gallia.

Flipgrid allows exhibitors to record directly from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It also allows for uploading of a digital video recorded with other methods, like iPhone video. Within the Flipgrid program you will find some editing features but please note, we are NOT asking for videos to be edited. Your judging will be simply based on the information you provide in your video.

Remember: You will simply exhibit your project like you would in person, while answering 5-7 questions, which you will be given in advance. Videos should be about 5 minutes long (there is a maximum record time limit of 10 minutes). You should plan to display your project as you normally would for a face to face judging. So you might include: your poster, nutrition portfolio, scrapbook, project product, your small pet, food display, etc. and remember to include your completed project book! You also have the option of uploading pictures or slides with your video if you choose.

Some things to think about as you prepare your project video:

  • Be sure to introduction of yourself: First name only, club, and year in 4-H
  • Each topic has questions asking you to discuss what activities you completed in your project book and which were your favorites.
  • Or asking you to describe what you learned from your project.
  • Or asking you about the most challenging/difficult part of your project.
  • Or asking you to tell us how you will use the skills you learned.
  • Be sure to show and explain your project item/display as thoroughly as possible.

There are a few project specific questions and requirements listed in Flipgrid. You will be able to log in and review these specific questions before you make your video submission and we encourage you to do so. One example of project specific item is for clothing, we ask you include you wearing your project item or a picture of you wearing your project item.

In Flipgrid you have the ability to view your recording and edit it before submission. Please make sure you are happy with your final product before you submit it.

4-H Dog Project Members Flipgrid Videos

There will be NO face-to-face dog show in 2020 as a result of COVID-19 Pandemic. This year dog project members will need to submit a video following the same guidelines as the general and small animal exhibitors. Dog club members will compete the Dog Poster contest as well as the dog club video. Additionally anyone with a dog can compete in the All About Dogs and You and Your Dog projects. We encourage you to introduce your dog and have them as part of your video.

Cats and Pocket Pets

You will follow the same guidelines as the general projects. Submitting a short video and answering the given questions about your project. Be sure to include your project book, your pet and any display, picture or slide you would like to present.

How will my video be Judged?

The judges reviewing the Flipgrid videos will use the criteria that is included in this packet of information. They will be asked to select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award winners for each of the projects they evaluate. They will also be asked to award A and B grades, provide feedback and comments which you will receive after the completion of judging. Winners will be announced on our Extension Website, Facebook site and invited to the Holzer Awards that will take place on Friday of fair week. Your invitation to these awards will have information about social distancing changes for this event so be sure to read it carefully. With exhibitor permission (and without full names) we would love to include winning videos on our website, and social media sites. In addition winners will be invited to submit their photo with their project to the Ohio 4-H to be placed in the virtual Showcase program, which will count as State Fair participation for 2020!

Need Help? Just Ask!

With this information we have provided step by step instructions for logging on and recording your video. We have also included a YouTube step by step Flipgrid assistance video and sample project videos from Marion, Henry and Wood Counties. These videos offer good and bad examples of video project recordings. I feel confident that if I can figure it out, I know our teens and tweens, who do great things on social media with video will have no problem.

However, we know internet is not always available, some families may not have access to smart phones, tablets or laptop computers and some may need a little more one on one help. So we will have appointment times available at the Extension Office, where we will have our camera set up and offer scheduled video recording times if you need them! Those will be schedule starting after July 6th. As always, we will provide special judging accommodations for any child that needs them, please just contact Tracy at or call 740-446-7007 to discuss your child’s needs.