April 22, 2020 - 12:02pm -- green.84@osu.edu

Goat and Sheep Exhibitors There will NOT be a face to face TAG IN this year! Instead the fair board is asking that you to take pictures of your scrapie tags and upload them to 4-H Online! (This is just like we did with the hog pictures last year) You should upload two pictures of the same animal - one should be a head shot showing the scrapie tag in the ear and the numbers need to be readable. The other should be a close up of the same animal's tag in the ear, so that we can ID then numbers! There is also a place on 4-H online for you to type in those same numbers! You must do this for each goat or sheep that you plan to tag in! This includes a family animal! Please note the family animal in the name location and follow the instructions for backup/ family animals.

STEPS to Upload Goat and Sheep Pictures to 4H Online

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Ohio State - Gallia County Extension

Step by Step Info: https://www.4honline.com/FileServices/Fetch/e1825b51-d883-ea11-b6eb-000c299596f1/View