April 16, 2015 - 12:32pm -- green.84@osu.edu

This fund raiser is a pre-order fund raiser.  You take orders collect the money and turn in the money with your completed order form.  For questions please call the Extension office at 740-446-7007.  You may pick up the order forms at the Extension office now.  All orders are due May 22nd by 4:30PM.

The product comes in sealed bags and contains all the dry ingredients to make the dip.  All you have to do is add the wet ingredients.  Depending on which dip you selected you would add 1 or 2 cup of sour cream, or 1 cup of mayo, or 2 cups of plain yogurt for the veggie dips or 1 cup of pure olive oil for the Olive oil dips, or 8oz. of cream cheese and 8 oz. of cool whip for the dessert dips.  You mix the dry ingredients and chill the veggie and dessert dip for about an hour and they ready to serve.  The olive oil dips do not need chilled.   There are 33 dips to choose from including veggie dips, dessert dips, sugar free dips, and olive oil mixes.  We were able to sample some of these at the March State 4-H Volunteer Conference and the dips they had there were all really good.  They make about a cup to 2 cups of dip per bag.  The cost is $5.00 per dip and the seller makes $2.50 per item sold.  We will be running this fund raiser as another individual fund raiser so 4-H members can sell the products and receive credit toward their camp fee.  If you do this option the individual would turn in all the money collected and $2.50 per item sold will be credited to their camp bill.  If a club advisor would like to take up collections and turn in a club order they would need to write a club check for product cost ($2.50 per item) and the club would keep the remaining $2.50 in their account.  Note this option is only for club advisors.