July 25, 2018 - 11:52am -- green.84@osu.edu
  • All FAIR PASSES may be picked up in the 4-H Activities Building Sunday July 29th from 12:30 - until 4:00 PM. Livestock Parking Passes will also be available to large livestock exhibitors only (1 per family). This parking pass will allow you to park in designated parking areas in the main parking lot behind the stage for fifteen minutes. All vehicles must be off the fairgrounds no later than 11:00 AM each day. Fifteen minute passes can only be used at Gate 3. The purpose for issuing these passes is to allow exhibitors to enter the barn area to unload feed and supplies. Failure to obey the time limits will result in loss of passes and vehicles being towed.
  • Project Check In- Most projects should be turned into your club advisor for display in your club booth and will not need to be “checked in” on Sunday. Projects that still need to be judged during the fair such as: Hay, Corn, Soy Beans, Specialty Crops and FFA projects will need to be checked in on Sunday at 12:30 in the Activities Building.
  • Cloverbud passes- will be at the 4-H Activities Building Sunday July 29th from 12:30-4:00 PM.
  • Advisor Passes – Approved 4-H Advisors in good standing will receive one free pass which can be picked up at the Fair Board office on Saturday July 28th from 8:00 PM -9:00 PM or on Sunday July 29th from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. (In good standing - completed all steps to be an approved advisor and all club paperwork is up to date and complete, with the Extension Office. This includes club charters, yearly summary, EINs and e-post cards!)
  • Season Passes—4-H Clubs have the opportunity to sale season fair passes again this year. Passes cost $28.00 each with clubs earning $1.00 for each pass sold if paid by one club check. Season passes are available at the Extension office and can be sold until July 29th. All money and unsold tickets must be turned into the fair board office by 9:00 PM on Sunday, July 29th. Please pay for tickets sold with a club check.
  • Fair Passes– 4-H members exhibiting at least one project in their club booths at the fair will receive one free fair pass; (this pass does not include rides). 4-Hers who do not complete a project or who do not meet their club attendance requirements will NOT receive a pass. Passes must be picked up on Fair Check-in Sunday, July 29th. Lost passes will not be replaced. Cloverbud members must complete a registration form for fair and pick up their pass during check-in. All 4-H Clubs will have a club booth on display in the 4-H Activities Building. Members must display their projects within the club’s booth in order to receive a fair pass.