March 17, 2015 - 3:49pm --

2015 4H Fundraisers

4-H Club Fundraiser Selling the Metallic Green 911 Address Signs and Little Caesar Pizza Kits. Orders and Payment are due to the Gallia County Extension Office by March 30, 2015.

  • 4-H Club Fundraiser Selling the Metallic Green 911 Address Signs

As a 4-H Club fundraiser this year we have teamed up with the Gallia County Firefighters Association, selling the metallic green 911 address signs with your house number on both sides to go on your mailbox post. Purchase of these address markers will not only enhance your safety in an emergency but will benefit the Gallia County 4-H program and the Gallia County Firefighters Association as a portion of the sign’s cost will go back to the 4-H club collecting orders and to the Firefighters Association for the purchase of for training, tools, and equipment needed to help protect the citizens of Gallia County. The 4-H’ers will be selling the signs for $12.50 each and for every sign sold their club will earn $4.00 and the Gallia County Firefighters Association will receive a $1.00. What better ways to protect your family and your home in an emergency and at the same time help out our local 4-H clubs and out Firefighters of Gallia County! Remember don’t just limit these to your own home they make great gifts for family, friends, and neighbors.

Clubs wanting to participate, the forms are ready to be picked up at the office or just email us and we will send you a copy. Money and order forms will be due by March 30th.

2015 911 Green Sign Fundraiser Form

  • Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser for 4H Camp Fees By Clubs or Individuals

If you would like to sell pizza kits to raise money for 4-H camp fees please let us know or stop in the office and pick up your order form today!! Each kit sold will earn you $5 off your camp fees! If 200 or more kits are sold, we may be able to take more off for each kit sold. This will be a camp fundraiser only and any unused money will be used toward others camp fees, no club will receive money back this year. However, you can sell kits as a club to help send others to camp.

We will be able to accept online orders this year!! We will post more info on that later.

Money and Order forms are due back March 30th and pizza kits will be delivered April 9th after 9 am. So please mark your calendars.

2015 Little Caesars Pizza Sales Brochure and Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser Guidelines