November 5, 2021 - 1:08pm --
To show a Market Beef Heifer, she must be tagged and weight-in on December 9, 2021, at the Gallia County Jr Fairgrounds from 4pm-7pm.
  • Exhibitors can exhibit both a market steer and a market heifer but will only be permitted to sell one beef animal at the fair.
  • Please note, that heifers cannot be shown at the county fair in both the breeding and market class.
2022 Market Beef Registration Form

The Ohio State Fair Beef Market animals must submit a DNA sample. These DNA samples must be in the possession of the Ohio State Fair by January 15 ,2022. Prior to submission, the nomination envelope for each sample kit remitted must be signed by either the 4-H professional or FFA advisor, depending in which organization the youth is taking the market animal(s). So please plan ahead.