July 8, 2021 - 3:43pm -- green.84@osu.edu

Virtual Project Judging Helpsheet 

What Do I Do For My 4-H Project Judging 2021?


We ARE having face-to-face 4-H project judging this year! Please see the enclosed face to face judging schedules for next week. For exhibitors who are unable to attend in person we are also offering a virtual judging option. Flipgrid will be this option. We are also offering this option for those who wish to do a competitive demonstration for 2021. Flipgrid is the process we used in 2020 and was quite successful for demonstrations.

If you choose to do a demonstration Flipgrid allows exhibitors to record directly from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It also allows for uploading of a digital video recorded with other methods, like iMovie or Spark. Again this is a MAKE UP Option or for demonstrations only for 2021. If you need to use Flipgrid program you will find some editing features but please note, we are NOT requiring videos to be edited. Your judging will be simply based on the information you provide in your video, not on the quality of the video. However, we have provided a video tip sheet to help ensure the judge can see and hear you properly.

For those doing demonstrations plan to do a simply exhibit of your project, like you would in person. For those using flipgrid as a project judging please also answer the 5-7 questions, which can be found on each of the flipgrid project sites and viewed in advance. Videos should be no more than 5 minutes long. Include: your poster, nutrition portfolio, scrapbook, project product, your small pet, food display, etc. Remember to include your completed project book as part of your video!

Some things to think about as you prepare your project video:

  • Be sure to introduction of yourself: First name onlyclub name, and year in 4-H
  • Each topic will require you to discuss activities you completed in your project book and which were your favorites. Be sure to show your project book in the video when answering these questions.
  • Topics may ask you to describe what you learned from your project.
  • They may ask about the most challenging/difficult part of your project.
  • They may ask for you to tell the judge how you will use the skills you learned.
  • Be sure to show and explain your project item/display as thoroughly as possible.

If using Flipgrid for judging make - There are a few additional project specific questions and requirements listed on Flipgrid topic page. You will be able to log in and review all the questions before you make your video submission and we encourage you to do this first. One example of a project specific requirement is that clothing exhibitors should wear their project or include a picture of them wearing their project. Flipgrid has the ability to view your recording, edit it and add photos before submission. Please make sure you are happy with your final product before submission.

Videos must be submitted no later than July 16th by 4:30PM.

How will my video Demonstration be Judged?

The judges reviewing your Flipgrid video demo will use criteria as we would in a face to face demonstration. They will be asked to select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award winners for each of the demonstration categories. They will also be asked to provide feedback and comments which you will receive after the completion of judging. Winners will be announced on our Extension Website, Facebook site and winners will receive an email invitation to the Holzer Awards that will take place on Friday of fair week.

With this information we have provided step by step instructions for logging on and recording your demonstration. We have also included a YouTube step by step Flipgrid assistance video

As a final reminder Flipgrid is being used as a MAKE UP judging option for all general projects. It is not being used for animal projects at all and it is the only option for those who wish to compete for the county demonstrations.

County demonstrations must be on a project you are taking to the 2021 Gallia County Jr. Fair. Please keep your demonstration to around 5 minutes. Videos longer than this will have issues being uploaded into Flipgrid.

Make up projects and demonstration are due no later than 4:30 pm on July 16th.

We are including the Flipgrid help sheets that were created last year for the 2020 judging, please review these if you plan to use the Flipgrid program for your 2021 fair project or demonstration